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Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Spring&Summer 2011 Shoes

The new shoe trends have opened-up the door to interesting, innovative shoe designs which exude individuality. Check out one of the shoe collections which
has the power to take you onto a dreamy journey, collection created by Anastasia Radevich and titled perfectly Dreamfall.

It seems that the contemporary world is like a white canvas in front of a painter as far as design goes, and shoe designers have gone over the top to demonstrate their skills and artistry in their work domains. One of the shoe collections which represents best contemporary craftsmanship is Anastasia Radevich's Dreamfall spring/summer 2011 shoe collection.

The modern world seems to be placing a high amount of interest on unique, fashionable and edgy designs, and shoes are no exception. Anastasia's Dreamfall shoe collection brings just that touch of modernism, yet with a dreamy, fairytale-like allure that just makes you stare. Raid the new collection and observe the dramatic and edgy effects that make the shoe designs a true delight!

The Canadian footwear designer with origins from Belarus is no stranger to fame as she has been gathering her experience by working with big names in the fashion industry, names such as Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood, both world renowned designers.
Anastasia, who has earned her diploma in footwear design with distinction at London's College of Fashion, has demonstrated her skills clearly through her latest shoe collection.

The distinctive heel pattern enables the design to attract a higher amount of attention and give the shoes a much more unique, edgy vibe, that is highly necessary if you want to make a statement. Shoes have proven their importance as far as style goes, so no wonder women are not holding back in spending large sums on their favorite designs.
Anastasia's curved and sculpted heels as well as 4-in-1 heel designs are demonstrating her shoe maker abilities and we absolutely love each and every design.

Simplicity is definitely not a word in Anastasia Radevich's vocabulary as all of the shoes radiate sophistication. These shoes are definitely made to show off, mesmerizing through the ruffles, flaked patterns or embellishments in addition to the intricate sole and heel designs. Pumps as well as ankle boots are Anastasia's spring/summer 2011 shoe proposal, so don't hesitate to lean towards these designs if you want to sparkle at any event.

The high heels are definitely not for the ones that fear them, so wear them confidently as they will give you a great posture.
As far as color goes, Anastasia went for cool and neutral hues, from gray to beige, colors that can complement almost any outfit!

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